Episode 9: WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions (with Nolan Phillips)

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We're back for another round off WWE related banter! I'm doing monthly podcasts now with my boy Nolan the night before each PPV. Unfotunately, Reed couldnt join this time, but I'll be sure he'll be back next month! This time, we're discussing the 2018 Elimination Chamber event. From the Rousey backlash to the first ever 7-man chamber, we dig deep into the build up and make our predictions. Expect more cameos from the staff at Big Apple Cafe (who I am eternally thankful to for allowing us to podcast there!) as we chatted. I'm really enjoying these recap and prediction episodes! They chemistry with these guys is fantastic, and I just really love talking about wrestling. If you have any predictions, feel free to mention them. As always, enjoy, and be well! Listen Everywhere! SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell/episode9 Check out Reed & Nolan on the interwebs: Reed: https://www.instagram.com/davis.reed Nolan: https://www.instagram.com/doccolonel Please Like/Subscribe/Follow/Share the Show! SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell Facebook: facebook.com/coffeebreakwithmarcusbell/ Instagram: @wangchoko Twitter: @wang_choko Snapchat: @chokoking Have any suggestions for the show? Feel free to write in at: coffeebreakpodcastwmb@gmail.com

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