Episode 23: Jazzy The Gee Stand in show for Aja & Claire!

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Many thanks to the genteman that is "Jazzy The Gee" for doing this very special show to cover us while we was on our holiday xxxx
That is from Claire lol

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Buddy Terry - Kamili

Pharoah Sanders - Thembi

Gary Bartz - I’ve Known Rivers

Mark Sardaby - Welcome New Warmth

Nuby Garcia - Pace Moses Boyd Remix

Aru 2 & Kzyboost - Cream Brule

Emma -Jean Thackray - Mercury

Scrimshire Ft Cleveland Watkiss - The Pile Radio Edit

Marlow Ft Capital A - Watch Your Step

Pie Eye Collective - Saqqara

Lionmilk Quartet - Penelope

Eric Lau - Super Moon

EVM128 Ft Natalie May - Tell Me

Gizelle Smith - S.T.A.Y.

Middlewood Sessions - Astro Blue

Kuna Maze - Bill

Frootful - Soul Clap

The New Mastersounds - Old Man Noises

Souleance - Bamboule

SoulMetricSystem - Renegade Funk

Key Elements - Sua Onda Dunloop Neon Rework

Werkha - Shakedown Radio

Cookin On 3 Burners - The Jump Off

Calibro 35 - Modulor

Reality - High Winds

Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Emnete Live

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