ANTIC Interview 407 - Guy Nouri, Interactive Picture Systems

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Guy Nouri, Interactive Picture Systems Guy Nouri was co-founder of Interactive Picture Systems, a company that created software for 8-bit computers from 1982 through 1984. The company's first program was PAINT! for the Atari 8-bits, which was developed at the Superboots software development lab located at the Capital Children's Museum in Washington, D.C.. Its next program was Movie Maker, an animation program. Next came three educational titles for the Atari: Trains, a business simulation; Grandma's House, a sort of digital dollhouse; and Aerobics, a fitness program. The company also created Operation Frog, virtual dissection software for the Apple II and Commodore 64; and First Draft, an outline processor that helped kids plan their writing. This interview took place on March 7, 2021. PAINT! manual First Annual IPS Computer Film Show PAINT! in K-Power magazine

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