Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 12, 2020 - HR 3

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The Coward Joe Biden Plans to Dodge Debates. A duck and cover strategy finally emerges, courtesy of the New York Times. More details on Durham Punting until after the election. Wet wood AG Barr. Sharp retorts from Steve Hilton. Advising redoubled determination. Meanwhile, Democrats actually defunding police departments. Seattle to cut 50 percent of its police budget. Crime on the rise. Ghislaine Maxwell still alive in prison. Sen. Tom Cotton on blatant Biden plagiarism. Advising President Trump to reclaim his outsider roots. The Lone Warrior. Home Sweet Home. With Listener Calls & Music via Justin Moore, Vince Neil and the Black Crowes. Sacred Song from Blake Shelton. The Pledge of Allegiance with Charlie Daniels.

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