Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - June 28, 2020 - HR 3

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Postmodern Power. Catch-22 Leadership. Don't Believe What They Say. The risks of self-fulfilling prophecy. 2016 Redux. The ongoing mess that is Joe Biden. SpyGate Updates. Big Win this week for General Flynn, ever-closer to full freedom. DC Circuit panel orders Judge Sullivan to dismiss the Flynn case, rebukes FBI and Team Mueller. About out of stunts? New "smoking gun" notes from disgraced Peter Strzok formally tie Obama and Biden to the sabotage of the Trump Administration. Devin Nunes responds. Strzok soon under oath? ObamaGate Percolates. Meanwhile, Maria Bartiromo presses Peter Navarro on election strategy. Predatory China. NASCAR Hoax. Black Lives Matter leader threatens to "burn down this system" to get what he wants. Which seems to be more power. Sampling the Claremont Institute's response to the provocations of such "trained Marxists." Time to stand up, Republicans. The America of 1776. Long White Line. American Rock n Roll. With Listener Calls & Music via Kid Rock, Des'ree and Zara Larsson. Sacred Song from Sturgill Simpson. A Little Light.

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