150. Insights: Large banks and crypto - going from a threat, to an opportunity

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Simon Taylor and Cuy Sheffield are back to discuss and unpack all things Large Banks and Crypto. In this Insights show, we want to take a deep dive into the turbulent relationship between the both. With incumbents dismissing Bitcoin and Co. at the start, things are now looking very different - large banks are offering crypto custody and leading in investments in crypto in 2021.

So how is the space looking? How has it changed to get to where we are now? What does the future relationship look like? Let's dive in!

Simon and Cuy are joined by fantastic guests who are experts in the ever-evolving crypto space:

  • Emily Nicolle, Fintech Correspondent at Financial News
  • Edward Woodford, Co-Founder and CEO at Zero Hash

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Special Guests: Edward Woodford, Emily Nicolle, and Emily Nicolle.

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