#165 Co-Dependency: Why you accept Narcissism in the world – Richard Grannon

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This week, I follow the line of inquiry into just how we accept and enable narcissism in our society with Richard Grannon.

Richard puts forward that co-dependency, or people pleasing, is a master-slave dynamic that has been deeply in trained and entranced within culture and society at large. That this is an unseen issue that is more pervasive than narcissism. Richard asserts that if we're to crack the puzzle of the pervasive presence of narcissism in society, then we need to bring our perspective closer to home and have an honest look at how we’re actively accepting and enabling it.

Through the conversation, we go into the dynamics and mechanics of co-dependency in depth across a variety of areas of life providing a number of clear examples including how you’re governed, consumerist capitalism, slave morality and many more.

Through all of this, you will begin to gain a deeper understanding of your own co-dependency, or people pleasing, tendencies and why you’ve become so conflict adverse and unable to say no leaving you in very much an infantilised state.

This is a fascinating conversation and it was a real privilege and honour to speak to Richard. What is most impressive is his ability to articulate, with a great humour, much of why you have such an deep uneasy feeling about life currently.

I can't say it is easy listening because much of what Richard has to say is very triggering, but when you do find yourself arguing and strongly disagreeing with him then I would suggest X marks the spot for greater personal inquiry.

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