Ep 236: A Massive P.O.S

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When Paul & Eli receive a massive "Price of Shite" package in their PO Box, it becomes quickly apparent that it's way too large to use in just one segment of the show... So let's make it the whole show! There is so much to wade through that the pressure begins to show, especially when there is a chance to gamble to grab some BIG P'twings. Eli gets carried away, Paul almost rage quits and someone forgot the P.O.S answers which makes things awkward. It's a show that veers from charity shop tat, football World Cup anthems, magic eye images, kid's comic annuals and a board game that makes Paul WAY TOO excited! Who will win in this epic edition of CheapShow? Find out, why don't you? See pictures and/or videos for this episode here: https://www.thecheapshow.co.uk/ep-236-a-massive-p-o-s And if you like us, why not support us: www.patreon.com/cheapshow If you want to get involved, email us at thecheapshow@gmail.com And if you have to, follow us on Twitter @thecheapshowpod or @paulgannonshow & @elisnoid Like, Review, Share, Comment... LOVE US! Oh, and you can NOW listen to Urinevision 2021 on Bandcamp... For Free! Enjoy! https://cheapshowpodcast.bandcamp.com/album/urinevision-2021-the-album MERCH Official CheapShow Merch Shop https://www.redbubble.com/people/cheapshow/shop Www.cheapmag.shop www.tinyurl.com/rbcheapshow Send Us Stuff CheapShow PO BOX 1309 Harrow HA1 9QJ

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