Top 40 QB Countdown: #16-13; plus Big Phil on Jordan Love, and "There's a crab on the loose!"

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Simms & Ahmed reveal 4 more on the Top 40 QB Countdown, Big Phil chimes in on Baker vs Burrow, Jordan Love, and why hoops skills matters when it comes to QBs. Plus, a European version of "Rate Your Snap Count"

(6:30) QB #16 Kirk Cousins: Better than you give him credit for, but there's one big thing missing

(18:20) QB #15 Matt Ryan: Simms makes a bold prediction for the remainder of Ryan's Falcons career

(28:45) QB #14 Derek Carr: "I thought he brought a bit of an edge...I saw him yell at Gruden last year. It made me proud."

(39:15) QB #13 Baker Mayfield: "If you argued he was 9 or 10, I wouldn't fight you on it"

(47:15) Big Phil: Why Baker Mayfield made a big leap last year

(57:00) Baker or Burrow?

(1:01:45) Jordan Love sounds like he's struggling early in Packers minicamp

(1:06:30) Big Phil recalls the time a QB didn't get drafted because he wasn't good at playing basketball

(1:14:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Rollicking new submissions from Scotland and England, and the phrase "There's a crab on the loose" is uttered

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