Pragmatic optimism, dealing with negativity, and machine learning in climate science

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Dan and Ella meet in the first of a new format of short climate catch-ups, which they will record alongside the normal interview format. These are short conversations where the two hosts discuss what they have been up to, and any interesting news or papers they have seen recently.

This week, they discuss:

  • Ella’s first ever trip to a fashion show and the simplicity of Ed Hawkins’ climate stripes
  • Katharine Hayhoe’s new book Saving Us and climate optimism vs. climate pragmatism
  • Dan and Ella’s thoughts on Twitter and how they approach receiving negative comments there
  • Ella’s YouTube videos about responding to climate deniers
  • The need for physical understanding when applying statistical techniques to environmental datasets
  • Dan’s new review paper on machine learning and oceanography, led by Maike Sonnewald, in Environmental Research Letters
  • A recent climate education summit organised by the University of Reading, and chaired by Ella.

Climate Scientists Podcast:

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Hosts: Dan Jones, Ella Gilbert

Music and Cover Art: Dan Jones

Editing: Sian Williams Page

Audio Engineering: Lilian Blair

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