#60 Building a digital Ecommerce experience for the future - Richard Corbridge, CIO at Boots

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In this interview, we spoke with Richard Corbridge, the Chief Information Officer at Boots, a staple UK health and beauty retailer, about their plans to build a digital e-commerce experience for the future. As a brand with strong roots in brick and mortar, read on to see how they are tackling the challenges of merging both experiences for their customers.

Table of contents

The Boots business - 1:20

Boots and the beauty market - 5:30

Business challenges of owned vs third party products - 8:00

Personalizing the healthcare journey - 15:00

Creating a trusted marketplace - 16:50

Implementing the right process for new products - 19:00

Impact of COVID-19 - 21:03

Importance of speed of adaptation - 24:35

Omni-channel approach - 28:34

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