Complex Coding, Complicated Compliance

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In this episode of Compliance Conversations, I sat down with Senior Consultant, Brenden O’Neil, who works in Intermountain’s professional coding and reimbursement department. O’Neil and I had a fascinating discussion on CPT codes and the complicated gray area of coding a laminectomy. The code has changed, physicians are in limbo, and revenue is being lost. And, there are a number of compliance issues that might arise. If you’re a compliance officer in an organization with neurosurgeons, you should perform an audit and run some data analytics for the code 22633 or that range of codes that represent fusions anytime a 63047 or laminectomy is reported. Otherwise, there could be trouble on the horizon. If you’re in healthcare, you won’t want to miss this. Listen to our newest podcast, Complex Coding, Complicated Compliance, to brush up on: Laminectomy and Potential Compliance Issues Specific Updates to Code 63047 Payers, Medicaid, and more!

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