Gerard Burley AKA Coach G: Grooming The Next Generation Of Fit Pros, The Power of Reframing Your Thoughts & Pulling The Shade Up On Your Life

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He believes fitness should be fun, inclusive, challenging, and inspirational. Growing up an overweight, gay, black boy in West Baltimore wasn’t easy for Gerard Burley, but it emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion across gender, age, ability, sexual orientation and race in what would become his fitness journey.

Gerard Burley, better known as “Coach G” has over 15 years expe­ri­ence in the exercise sports science field includ­ing a Bachelors of Science in Sports Med­i­cine from the Uni­ver­sity of North Car­olina Chapel Hill, and a Masters of Science in Exer­cise and Health Pro­mo­tion from Cal U Pennsylvania. He also holds var­i­ous high level cer­ti­fications such as Strength and Con­di­tion­ing Spe­cial­ist, NASM Per­for­mance Enhancement Spe­cial­ist, Spe­cial­ist in Speed and Explo­sion, and an Advanced Exer­cise Nutri­tion Certifi­cate from Human Kinet­ics.

After holding a corporate position as Director of Sports Medicine at Bowie State University, Coach G decided to follow his dreams of living abroad, and changing lives. In 2009 he moved to Rome, Italy and while playing pro basketball started training foreign service workers inside the US Embassy. After Italy, Gerard decided to return back to Washington, DC, and continue his calling of helping people change their lives through healthy living, positive thinking, and fitness.

After a series of pop-up fitness parties and demos, Burley opened Sweat DC in September 2017, an inclusive space for people of all body types and levels of experience.

Gerard Burley has been featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC News & the Washington Post just to name a few. And wouldn’t you know it, he also low key teaches at SoulCycle. I AM SO GRATEFUL to have this incredible inspiring human share his story with us!
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