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Coach Alex VanHouten is the owner and founder of two health and fitness companies -- The Betterment Company and Defining Dad Bod and he brings 15 years of fitness industry experience to this epic podcast EVERY WEEK!
Through "Defining Dad Bod" Coach Alex helps moms and dads with cutting edge nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change designed optimize their bioindividuality and help them show up better for themselves and their families. He hosts THIS podcast to cut through the confusion of the health and fitness industry weekly!
Every episode will help you build a stronger self, family, and community through healthy nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change! Subscribe for a new episode every Sunday!
Recently, the show's primary sponsor - "The Betterment Company" - has launched a new mobile app called 'Better Daily"! Join us at for a low-cost community that equips and inspires everyday people to do extraordinary things by working to become 1% Better. Single. Day!
Coach Alex lives in Greenbrier Arkansas with his wife Christin and his two sons Gabriel and Bennett.

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