“To Bond or Not to Bond” | S2 E4

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Tara Lee told horrible lies about birth mothers being murdered, babies dying during childbirth, or mothers deciding to keep their babies when, in reality ..there wasn’t a mother or baby at all. Thanks to the efforts of several adoptive parents and the lawyers who worked with Tara, the FBI was notified and given a ton of information to go on as they began investigating her. The FBI also identified a woman who helped Tara pull off some of her schemes and as it turned out, this wasn’t her first rodeo either.

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Dirty Money Moves is a collaboration between MURDERISH and Cloud10 Media.

Executive producers are Jami Rice and Sim Sarna.

Research and writing by Gina Mazzolini.

Emily Crain does the audio mixing and editing.

Josh Cooke composed the music and Brian Stefanik created the podcast cover art.

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