#34 On Neutrality & Analysts' beliefs

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In this episode, your hosts continue their discussion on different aspects of neutrality in psychoanalysis. After a few general comments, we will address the balance between leaving all doors open and taking a stand, how some themes attract complexity, and when resistances can be at the disservice of both patients and analysts. Thank you for listening. Share with us your comments or questions directly at discussionsonpsychoanalysis@pm.me or on twitter twitter.com/DiscusOnPsycha Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/249668092601494/ SoundCloud @user-296153775 iTunes podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/disc…is/id1454139315 [0:21] Intro [01:48] Some general comments [05:58] Balance btw leaving all doors open and taking a stand [15:45] Some themes attract complexity [25:19] Resistances at the disservice of both patients and analysts [30:26] The weight of public beliefs [36:48] When the discussion becomes too concrete [39:35] Ending

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