#33 On Neutrality & Sensitive topics

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Dear Listeners, In this episode, your hosts engage in a discussion on how to think about a required neutrality and the inevitable opinions a psychoanalyst is going to have on certain topics. The discussion might sound less directed as usual because it was so. Thank you for listening. Share with us your comments or questions directly at discussionsonpsychoanalysis@pm.me or on twitter twitter.com/DiscusOnPsycha Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/249668092601494/ SoundCloud @user-296153775 iTunes podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/disc…is/id1454139315 [00:17] Intro [03:23] What is "neutrality" in practice? [06:16] Benevolent neutrality [11:20] Intervention & neutrality [18:47] What about the analyst's beliefs? [22:00] How do we work with socially sensitive issues? [27:00] The therapeutic alliance [33:09] Psychoanalysts aligning themselves to the beliefs of the time [37:53] Ending

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