Biden MIA, Dems Kamala Problem, Helter Stelter, Bill Gates the Farmer, Dating Conservatives

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Broadcasting from the Free State. Biden is missing in action for 3 days. Is he okay? If not, then Kamala is next up and that's not good. And the Democrats sure don't want her as POTUS, that much we know. CNN cans the human potato Brian Stelter. I'll miss the Mark Dice impersonations. Conservatives face an uphill battle on dating apps like OkCupid. Well, luckily there is The Right Stuff, a new app for those who aren't liberals. Dutch farmers are pissed off about Govt trying to end their livelihoods to please "Mother Earth" as Nancy Pelosi says. They allegedly burned down some grocery stores that Mr. Farmland and fake meat connoisseur Bill Gates invested in. By the way, the mini-Green New Deal signing means this is coming to a town near year. Weak GOPers like Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson are never going to be able to lead conservatives against the hordes. They won't be first over the wall in any battle, so it really doesn't matter what they think about the FBI raid on Trump. Govt says ITT defrauded students so now they don't have to pay student loans. That's funny since most all universities misrepresent the value of their programs like the Govt says ITT Tech did. Eighty percent of Americans say justice system two-tiered, and its across party lines. Finally something we can all agree on!

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