Science & Stacy Abrams, Is Racial Discrimination Okay, Medical Marijuana, Hollywood's Woke Problem

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Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where Fall is here and it's pool weather! Stacy Abrams and Washington Compost Fact Checkers say ultrasound heartbeats of 6 week pregnancies are Fake News. What's the big deal about heartbeats anyway? Planned Parenthood deleted portions of their website that says some 2nd trimester abortions require a "shot in the abdomen" to stop the beating heart before the abortion. I had to got into Wayback Machine to 2014 to find this part of the procedure. Today on the website it just says the part about the shot but no mention of the heart. They can't be truthful about what they stand for. Pfizer and Google (and many others) think skin color is an important way to discriminate. Is it racist to give people special treatment because they have a certain skin color? Big Biz and Big Govt think it's great to discriminate. Some say that DeSantis has a better shot of winning the Presidency than Trump because he doesn't have the baggage Trump does. We discuss the various factors that will come into play if both DeSantis and Trump want the GOP nomination. Hollywood is woke. We discuss first-hand knowledge from a practice member who tells a story of producer in the Czech Republic flying femaie actresses from Ghana to satisfy Amazon's racial quotas on a new show. They were paid to sit on the set, they didn't even act. Mathew McConaughey thinks he would have to consider running for POTUS and he would be "arrogant for not considering it." How blessed we would be. Tracy says, "just act!" Woody Harrelson is becoming non-woke. Says you can't trust big Govt and Big Pharma. Uh oh! Someone is going to get blacklisted and kicked off Twiiter. Woody Harrelson, Tracy, and Tommy all agree on legalization of pot. The Govt should not be able to arrest you for eating or smoking a plant. Steve Scalise says the GOP has a "Commitment to America" plan. Who believes they will be able to do anything to stem the tide of tyranny in the US. Remember Scalise has been in leadership since the Paul Ryan days and Paul Ryan achieved very little when he was in charge. Time will tell when and if there is a Red Wave.

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