Ep. 103: Environmental Justice Warriors: Little Manila Rising's Matt Holmes

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Little Manila Rising, a community non-profit in Stockton, Calif., is taking an aggressive stand to protect its Filipino American community from environmental racism. Matt Holmes heads up the environmental effort and talks about a new project with UC Merced to make sure the air in Stockton and the valley is monitored. He also talks about the ways the pollution from the freeways and port is being mitigated. The situation is dire, Stockton has one of the worst air pollution profiles in the state, and not coincidentally, the worst asthma rates in California, as well. This is Part 4 of an ongoing look at how Little Manila Rising is evolving to serve its community and to not give up on Stockton. This is the podcast of Emil Amok's Takeout. See the Daily Livestream at 2p Pacific on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter@emilamok. See replays at www.amok.com

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