Live Long, Live Well_ The Chinese Traditions of Nourishing Life • Peter Deadman • EAP067

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Chinese medicine does not just have a 2500 year history of written and practical application of treating illness and disease. It also has an equally long tradition of cultivating health and well-being.

Here in the West we say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," so like the Chinese, we have this notion that a little attention to our well-being on a regular basis can help us to sidestep major health issues.

The Chinese have long observed nature and used that to inform how to live in this world as a part of nature. It's more about cultivating than efforting. More about attentiveness, than checking a daily to-do list. It's as much about quieting the mind as moving the body. And in many ways, more about how we are than what we do.

Our guest in this episode has a long history of exploring, practicing and teaching the "nourishing of life." Listen in and discover how vitality, livelihood, physical and emotional well-being, a quiet spirit and supple body are all aspects of of a live well lived.

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