Gendered Bodies and Public Scrutiny by Victoria Kannen with Victoria Kannen

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This week on the pod we are doing another round of a book deep dive. In the episode released tomorrow I will be chatting to Victoria Kannen about her book called Gendered Bodies and Public Scrutiny. In two weeks, I'll be chatting to a fat activist about the same book for extra insights and powerful takeaways. In this discussion Victoria and I set up the framework of how our body stories are constructed. Here are some of the highlights of our discussion:

  • Who is Victoria Kannen and what is her body story?
  • How different Victoria's experience has been to her sister's experience even though they are close to the same height
  • Being awed and odd
  • Blending
  • The way the book combines art, theory and stories
  • Covid and how it could have impacted the interviews
  • The meaning of a stare
  • The Well-Meaning Stranger
  • Quiet Resistance
  • How this framework can apply to fat bodies

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