EP.10 - The Future of Filipino Art featuring Zar

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We're back with another episode! It may be one of our longer episodes but sit back and enjoy the different types of topics we touch on with our special guest. Plus, we have a special announcement at the end regarding our new partnership!

This episode discusses how the Filipino talent is still undermined in today's landscape, how it's significant for Filipinos to continue to create innovative work and how we, as a community must create a nurturing landscape for artists to explore and showcase their work on the world stage. We even discussed how he was profiled as a Filipino stereotype in a gallery where his work was the main exhibition. We discuss the popular "Sana All" concept in Filipino culture, touch on how Filipino vs. Filipinx as a hot topic (don't worry, it'll be its own episode!) and we even have a spontaneous "Drake" sing-along" in the episode. Lots to chew on Filipino Fridays fam! And yes, the mystery behind his artist name and image is revealed.

About the Artist -

Multi-hyphenate artist Zar or 0270501 joins us as we talk about Filipino talent in the creative arts. After pursuing an education in animation, Zar put into work the "10,000" hours rule to improve his craft as a concept artist for movies and games. In his transformation as an artist, Zar shifted gears to work in a flourishing career in the fine arts industry as an abstract painter. His paintings have been featured in galleries internationally and completed his artist residencies in Thailand and Hong Kong. In the midst of pandemic times, Zar channelled his energy in a new pursuit into abstract hiphop and alternative rap and debuted his self-titled album under his musical moniker, 'Lil Happier' on Spotify. As if that wasn't enough, DJ Zar also launched his coffee brand, 'Fueled by Cold Brew' this year.

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