51.1 All Aboard! "The Sleeper Car"

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We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience, but our train is now ready to leave the station. Please have your tickets ready. All Aboard!
Join us for a cross-country locomotive journey as romantic as you can imagine — with just a touch of the diabolical in every car.
We begin our journey in "The Sleeper Car" where espionage and intrigue take the top bunk. Settle in for the ride!
All Aboard! was recorded live in NYC on January 26, 2020.
Matt Roper as Max
Rebecca Kopec as Helen
Kacie Laforest as Jean
Alain Laforest as Paul
James Rieser as Frank
James Scully as Eddie the Porter
Ali Silva as Ethel
David Linton as Harry
Mary Murphy as Eva
Michael Pate as Bob the Policeman
Audio play written by Gabriella Miyares
Directed by Holly Payne-Strange
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva
Musical score improvised by Dan Crowley
Additional music by Felix Slim
Sound effects design: Greg Russ & Ali Silva
Live show sound engineer: Evan Sachs
Technical director at The Slipper Room: Johnny Goddard
Theme music by Jason Graves
Audio post-production: Ali Silva
Copyright 2020 Fireside Mystery Productions
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