53.3 1918/2020: "The Carrier"

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A carrier delivers a ticking box to an isolated mansion. What could go wrong?
"The Carrier" is the third installment in our pandemic series, 1918/2020, original audio plays inspired by the past and present.
Cast featured in this episode:
Chris Woolsey as C.W.C. Woolsey
James Kleinmann as the 1918 Carrier
Eirik Davey-Gislason as the 2020 Carrier
Ali Silva as the Mad Genius
“The Carrier” written by Lizz Leiser & Ricardo Delgado
“PLOGs” written by Lizz Leiser & Chris Woolsey
Directed by Ali Silva
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva
Music by Nico Sleator
Production operations: Lizz Leiser
Social media: Kacie Laforest
Production coordinator: Faith Johnson
Theme music by Jason Graves
Audio production & sound design: Ali Silva
Assistant sound design: Ricardo Delgado
Additional music (Artlist):
Suspended Souls by Michele Nobler
Copyright 2021 Fireside Mystery Productions
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