Episode 53: Grounding - Help with Inflammation and Sleep

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In this week’s episode of Form, Function, and Flow Lab, I talked about grounding. I recently posted and asked people if they’ve done grounding that day. Many of them asked what is grounding so I thought I should talk about it in this podcast. I recently also got a pair of shoes from a company that I’ve used in the past and they are grounding footwear. I wanted to share how you can start using minimalist footwear, too.

For this episode, though, I talked a lot about how grounding can benefit you and anyone of all ages.

In this episode we discuss:

[00:34] Introduction to the topic

[3:25] The Earth’s electromagnetic frequency – how it can help with inflammation and healing

[6:06] The subtle shift of not having much contact with nature

[9:31] Different ways to ground yourself

[14:40] How grounding helps with sleeping and more

[16:27] Grounding is great for kids, too

[18:09] Conclusion

If you have any questions, you can drop it in the comment section or you can send me a message through Facebook or Instagram. I’d be happy to do another podcast about your questions. Also, if you want me to talk about something specific, let me know!

You can also check my TikTok account as I use the platform to educate viewers about movement, chiropractic education, yoga, pregnancy, and more!

Thank you for listening and see you next week!

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