Geekscape 624: Batman Executive Producer Michael Uslan!

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Film producer Michael Uslan grew up dreaming of seeing a serious, darker version of Batman on film. He accomplished that goal in 1989 with Tim Burton and Michael Keaton's 'Batman'. Now, over 30 years later, he's been a part of every iteration of The Dark Knight on screen from Christopher Nolan's trilogy to Joel Schumacher's campy run to the Oscar winning 'Joker' and this weekend's 'The Batman'! We talk about the differences in all of the iterations, celebrate pulp heroes like The Shadow, Green Hornet and the Lone Ranger, meeting Batman creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane as a kid, the inherent differences between Marvel and DC, trying to make a 'The Shadow' film with Sam Raimi, his new book 'The Batman's Batman' and a whole lot more! It's two hours of comic book and movie nerding out on a special Geekscape!

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