E18-B2B Goal Setting for Sales Success

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This episode delves into something that’s super important to all sales people – your WHY. Why are you doing what you’re doing? And how do you connect that to your goals?

80% of people who write down their goals go on to achieve them. More impressive is the fact that 95% of people who write down their goals and regularly revisit, recite, touch or experience them in some way… go on to achieve them.

During this episode, Neil tells the story of his experience in taking a team of laser technicians through a goal setting session. He takes the team through the SMARTER acronym and connects each letter to a different but all-important step in achieving their overall goal. And in the end, the group sets a huge goal – to go to Fiji in 12 months’ time, for a 7-day luxurious holiday.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to revisit your WHY
  • The importance of setting goals around what’s important to you
  • How goals without a timeline are a dream
  • How to follow the SMARTER goal setting acronym, for greater success
  • How to break down your goals into simple bit sized pieces

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