E42: B2C Interview w/- Marcus Kroek How to create business profits

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A thought-provoking episode where Neil’s guest, Marcus Kroek, talks about creating business profits. Marcus is an accomplished business owner and business coach at Amazing Tradies, who shares his experiences and learnings about understanding the differences between turnover and profit.

Neil and Marcus discuss some of the limiting behaviours around creating profit, and how stress reduces both your creativity and general business energy. They also discuss an alternative approach ­– of setting up systems around your areas of stress, to help inspire the return of your creativity and energy. And how this can then help produce the quality services that you’re known for.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How family beliefs can affect your financial management skills
  • Simple examples of systems that will reduce your financial stress.
  • How to stay in your zone of genius, to produce high quality treatments and services

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