The Clone Wars: “A Friend in Need”

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“A Friend in Need” (The Clone Wars 4.14) is the last standalone episode of The Clone Wars series, and boy howdy is it chock-full of discussion topics.

In 22 minutes, we see Ahsoka reunited with her BOYFRIEND Lux Bonteri, watch the Separatist-Republic peace talks disintegrate (again), meet up with Death Watch, see Bo-Katan for the first time, witness R2D2 raise a droid army, and see an entire village subjugated (no word on how their situation pans out, either).

In our recap, we talk about Lux Bonteri’s options after he became a war orphan, the decay of Death Watch into a biker gang, and Ahsoka — who is all grown up and saving everybody. Special shout-out to her phenomenal fur coat.

Next week, we’re diving into the first half of the four-part Rako Hardeen arc (The Clone Wars 4.15–16).

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