Enjoy The Holidays Without Gaining Weight And Adding Extra Stress: 53

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Today's episode covers ideas for making it through the holidays without gaining weight. I'm passionate about living a keto lifestyle, but that doesn't mean sacrificing holiday cheer! I offer several useful tips for those that want to maintain routine and health while attending various holiday gatherings throughout the months of November and December. One of the best ways to keep from binge eating at holiday parties is to eat a filling protein snack a few hours beforehand. This could be a few eggs, a chicken breast, or some Carnivore Crisps (save with HNG10) eaten in advance to keep cravings at bay. Although this episode is mostly about avoiding weight gain and stress throughout the holidays, I also give some updates on my personal life. This includes us VRBO-hopping between several states after selling our house in August and going back home to Cincinnati for Christmas! If you want to see where we've been staying recently, you can follow along on our Vagabond Tour and the latest episode in Sedona. Watch the episode on YouTube

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