Episode 95: The Unexpected Call

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In this shorter podcast episode, Pastor Gale discusses his Second Edition of his book "The Unexpected Call" . This book was written about the September 11, 2001 tragedy—the terrorist attacks that changed our country forever—and is told by Pastor Kragt as he had experienced it during his 1-week ministering trip to NYC.
Two weeks after that fateful day, Pastor Kragt was called by God to go to New York City to help minister to the hurting and brokenhearted people who, while dealing with the effects of the terrorist attacks on their city and their lives, were struggling to move into a new 'normal' lifestyle.
Pastor Kragt shares his experiences of his trip, from the initial call by God to go, provisions made possible for his travel and accommodations, and the multitude of blessings he received from this opportunity to meet and minister to so many, in countless ways, in grief-stricken New York City.
Pastor Kragt describes how God moved in mighty miraculous ways to heal the grieving hearts, emotions, minds, and spirit of our great country.

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