HRN's Catskills Field Day: Story Time with Rip Van Winkle

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In this magical moment, captured at HRN's First Annual Catskills Field Day in Bovina, NY, Amy Halloran somehow finds her way into the dreams of Rip Van Winkle himself. Amy presents Mr. Van Winkle with some of the stories that have been written about himself. Rip takes the opportunity to fact-check some of those stories and share how some boozy bowlers got him in deep trouble. Will Rip success in waking up? It's a story so powerful it could rip the scales right off of a fish!

Special thanks to Scott Hill for welcoming us to Putt Putt Van Winkle this weekend.

HRN is back "On Tour" thanks , in part, to the generous support of the Julia Child Foundation.

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