Raw Wine 2022: Magula Family Winery

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On this episode of HRN On Tour, we travel to the Raw Wine 2022 festival in Maspeth, Queens, where Sam Benrubi of The Grape Nation sat down with Vladimir Magula of the Magula Family Winery in Slovakia. The two discuss the past, present, and future of natural wine in Slovakia, working on a family vineyard, and how climate change has and will affect yields, among other topics.

The Magula Family Winery passionately creates natural wines exclusively from their own organically grown grapes of Slovak ingenious varieties. Their winegrowing journey started in 2007, when they re-planted an old vineyard that was returned to their family. Since 2016 they have farmed bio-dynamically. They care deeply about the nature and the environment in which we exist, trying to live in harmony with it. Their wines, mainly of red varieties, are intense, yet subtle and gentle, with crisp and charming character of northern terroirs.

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