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In episode 2 of Homelessness Matters, you’ll hear from Phil at Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire. Before joining Emmaus, Phil experienced homelessness after losing his job, family and home due to alcohol addiction. Through Emmaus, Phil received the help he needs with his addiction to get back on his feet. Then you’ll hear from Johnny Szyndler, the Support Manager at the Emmaus community. Since recording the episode, Phil has gained employment and moved into a new home. [Trigger Warning: Addiction].
Homelessness Matters is a brand new podcast brought to you by Emmaus. Homelessness can happen for many different reasons and to people from all walks of life. To shine a light on some of those reasons, we’re bringing you a mixture of stories from people who have experienced homelessness and now live at one of 30 communities across the UK run by our charity Emmaus. If you enjoy this episode, please help us spread the word by leaving a review. To learn more about Emmaus, visit www.emmaus.org.uk

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