Interview with Matt Orchard - PART 2 [informal]

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Part 2 of my impromptu interview with Matt Orchard covers a few areas of the bodybuilding, health and fitness lifestyle we both live and share with many others across the nation!

Just a couple of Aussie blokes covering topics from:

- Should you be meticulous with nutrition and macro tracking as a beginner or should you just get started, stay consistent and fine tune as you go!

- Training purpose - Train for a particular goal or learn to love the process first?

- What are you hustling towards - What's your why?

- Instead of saying "I have to.." change that to "I get to.."

- The greatest lesson we each learnt over 2020

- Is it possible to achieve perfect lifestyle balance?

- Just because you can.. doesn't always mean you should!

Sit back, have a laugh and enjoy the show!

Matt Orchard can be found on instagram: @matheuorchard

Coach Sean can be found on instagram: @hustlehardercoaching

or email any questions or inquiries to

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