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Poop or stool is very important in the gut health realm. It can show us the status of our gastrointestinal tract. If there is bleeding present, if you have good motility and if you were able to digest things properly.
So, if there is anything unusual on your poop, it can serve as a warning sign!
But what is a usual poop or normal stool?
How does it look? Color? How many times do you have to poop in a day?
Join Dr. DiNezza and Amy, in this week’s poop-tacular episode all about crap!
Remember, look before you flush since it can save your life!
What to expect:

  • Undigested Things on the stool
  • Fat - Shimmering Poop
  • Foamy stools
  • Mucus
  • Colors
  • Blue Poop
  • Frequency
  • Bristol Stool Chart
  • Smell

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