Shapr3D with Istvan Csanady (iPad Pros - 0111)

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On this episode is a deep dive into one of the 2020 Apple Design Award winner’s Shapr3D. Shapr3D is a desktop class CAD drawing application for iPad that was showcased at the April 20th event. It is an Apple Pencil first app and now with the trackpad has a special mode designed with the trackpad and keyboard in mind. In this episode is my interview with Istvan Csanady, the CEO of Shapr3D. It was fascinating for me to hear not only about this wonderful app, but also learn about CAD applications, 3D printing, and a bunch of interesting manufacturing topics.

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Chapter Markers

00:00:00: Opening


00:02:05: Review the podcast

00:02:23: Istvan Csanady

00:03:23: The iPad

00:06:00: Your background with CAD

00:07:19: What is CAD?

00:08:29: 3D Printers?

00:10:44: The only app you need?

00:12:55: Onboarding tutorials

00:15:26: 3 Tiers

00:16:28: Industry specific modes?

00:17:26: Different materials?

00:18:14: Double Tap?

00:20:24: Evolution of the tutorials

00:21:14: Trackpad Support

00:27:17: Keyboard Shortcuts

00:28:50: Pencil Plus Keyboard?

00:30:19: The Mac App

00:34:14: Tips and tricks

00:35:22: Splitscreen

00:36:12: Siemens Parasolid

00:40:10: Using Shapr3D In Different Places

00:42:10: A Different Paradigm

00:45:27: Lost In Translation

00:46:58: Importing Images

00:47:30: 2D Imports

00:49:31: AR Kit

00:52:53: Anything Else?

00:53:17: Where Can People Find More Info?

00:54:22: Closing

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