Death, Mortality and the NHS; The Church's Capitulation to Secularism; Police Brutality; Tiers and the Moral Failure of the Political Class

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We begin today with Jamie's reflection upon visiting a hospital in London to be with his family as his grandmother passed away. We reflect the importance of communicating the hope of the Gospel at this time and ask whether the Church has failed to do this.
We also discuss the state of policing in this country as another shocking video of police brutality is released showing the aggressive manhandling of a distressed citizen at a lockdown protest.
Finally, we discuss all the biggest news of the week, including the rebranding of Lockdown as Tiers 2 and 3. We critique the entire political establishment for their abject failure to fulfil their designated responsibilities and we conclude with some speculation about what the advent of the salvific vaccines may entail.
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