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The disabled population is the LARGEST minority group in the world. But have you even heard about the Disability Civil Rights Movement or the diverse culture and identities created by people with disabilities? Probably not. We live in a world that still gives Hollywood the O.K. on “cripface” (most notably with Sia’s 2020 movie “Music”). A world where police brutality afflicts people with “underlying conditions” all too often. TikTok mods are told to penalize disabled people for looking “unappealing”. Major items, like work-from-home jobs, on the agenda of disability advocates are only realized when able-bodied people demand it. We're all ableists to some degree, and it’s high time to get educated. Join Hope and Daisy as they take an eye-opening trip through disability advocacy history, art, accessibility, identity, and activism in Chicago and the United States, with special guests Cassidy Medina (Co-President of UChicago’s Students for Disability Justice) and Candace Coleman (Community Development Organizer on Racial Justice for Access Living).
This Episode’s Hosts: Hope Houston (Production Manager, and Daisy Okoye (Content Creator, ).
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Lead Contributors: Lena Diasti (Executive Producer), Hope Houston (Production Manager), Jon Brooks (Social Media Coordinator), Dinah Clottey (Outreach Manager), Chase Leito (Audio Engineer), and Daisy Okoye (Content Creator).
Supporting Contributors: Narvella Sefah (Front-End Team), Fernanda Ponce (Content Team), Nicole Maria Mateo (Audio Team).
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