Dr. Darren Weissman Interview - The LifeLine Technique

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The power of infinite love and gratitude could be just the thing you need this year to change your life this year? Dr. Darren Weissman has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs exclusively through this incredible unique and self-created technique. This technique combines philosophy, science, and quantum technology that bridges the gap between conciseness and subconscious mind. More easily understood we all have experiences in our past that we may or May not be aware of that are consciously impacting how we think, act, re-act, and just plain live our life. And many of these thoughts and behaviors are not serving us. Through this technique Darren is able to unlock this to the precise moment in time when your mind trapped you at a certain stage of development and can help you move past this into a more conscious awareness. Truly an amazing technique and listen as he takes me through this process to unveil what has been holding me back for so many years. To learn more about Dr. Darren Weissman head over to http://krisgilbertson.com.

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