Gabe Strom Interview [Clip 2] Future Wave of Social Media Trends - Get Your Brand Positioned Now!!

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Gabe Strom is a expert, legend, and leading expert in the social media and internet marketing space. He has sold $100,000's of information products, software packages and has consulted with experts and celebrities all over the world on his key techniques that just plain get results online today! This interview clip is a must! Gabe uncovers what the trends in social media market place are going forward and how the search engine ranking system is totally changing! Gabe also shares killer marketing trends for the future that you want to get in and start implementing today for your business, so you don't get lost in the shuffle! ALERT: Google is changing there algorithm - which means there is a mad rush to claim your Page One Rankings all over again. Keywords that used to be hard to obtain, you can go after becuase of the shift Google is implementing! Sign up for my LIVE FREE webinar that will cover how to dominate the shift going in our market place - you don't want to miss this! You'll learn The 7 Simple Steps to Profiting From Podcasting in 2012!! Plus so much more on the power of podcasting and how you can can keep you ranking on page 1 of google during this massive history making transition! Inspirational podcast!

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