How Energy Systems Can Be Used to Train Effectively with James Spragg

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In this podcast Maddy talks to James Spragg, a cycling coach and physiologist, about energy systems. James talks through the different energy systems, the relationship between intensity and energy system contribution, takes a deep dive into the aerobic energy system and how to train it effectively, and talks about profiling our energy systems in order to inform training.
Topics covered:

1:30 - A bit about James and his journey in cycling, academia and coaching

3:35 - James’ PhD

7:30 - Overview of energy systems

13:06 - Energy systems are synergistic

14:01 - The hyperbolic force-time relationship

18:03 - The relationship between intensity and energy system contribution

21: 40 - Cause of muscle fatigue

27:45 - The aerobic system and sustainable exercise

29:52 - The importance of capillarisation and training the aerobic system

37:30 - Lactate. The myth demystified.

42:09 - Pump, RPE and the feeling associated with training the aerobic system in long duration and interval sessions

46:00 - Why power endurance doesn’t maximise aerobic system development

50:00 - The glycolytic system; discussion of adaptation pathways

55:44 - Recovery from aerobic base sessions and frequency

58:00 - Getting the aerobic base training in. Spinning plates in training.

1:00:32 - What impacts rate of adaptation in aerobic training

1:03:00 - Previous training history and getting back to a certain level faster

1:06:00 - Different ways to get to the same goal. Exploring different approaches effectiveness through testing, intervention, retesting

1:13:05 - Different training scenarios and approach people can take to address training for a sport project

1:24:36 - Balancing strength and endurance
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