Episode 74 - Giving and receiving expressions (te form + agemasu / kuremasu / moraimasu)

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「あげます」 is the Japanese word for "to give" seen from the speaker's point of view. You must use this verb when you are giving something or doing something for someone else.


- I gave present to friend.


- I'll give you the favor of buying a car.


- I taught something good to my friend. (looking at it from the my point of view)

「くれます」 is also a verb meaning "to give" but unlike 「あげます」, it is from the receiver's point of view. You must use this verb when someone else is giving something or doing something for you (effectively the opposite of 「あげます」).


- Friend gave present to me.


- You'll give me the favor of buying a car for me?


- Friend gave favor of teaching something good to me. (looking at it from the friend's point of view)

「もらいます」 meaning, "to receive" has only one version unlike 「あげます/くれます」 so there's very little to explain. One thing to point out is that since you receive from someone, 「から」 is also appropriate in addition to the 「に」 target particle.


- I will receive a present from my friend.


- About this, received the favor of buying it from friend.


- I wanted to receive the favor of checking homework but there was no time and it was impossible.


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