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Today’s guest is Raj De Datta, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloomreach, a company bringing solutions that are uniquely built to serve digital commerce and marketing professionals. Their mission is to deliver meaningful moments to customers; moments that result in organizational growth.

Raj shares Bloomreach's goal to use AI and machine learning for delivering exactly what a customer is seeking. Moment to moment, a customer's needs change — and so should an organization's digital response.

With Bloomreach powering roughly 1/4th of e-commerce in the United States and the UK, Raj is often asked "What helps organizations succeed in the digital arena?" In an effort to answer that question, Raj wrote The Digital Seeker: A Guide for Digital Teams to Build Winning Experiences, published by Columbia Business School Publishing. Raj explains that his book is more than a rendition of the typical CEO experience. He discusses the reasons for his research, shares insights, and talks about how organizations can succeed in a digital arena. The academic point of view brings new details to light, and powers a sharper understanding of the fundamentals of success.

Raj shares his hopes for the future of the book, and talks about ways the industry could prosper from these understanding. He's got a long-term view on measuring success, and the book is a critical part of elevating his position as CEO as well as Bloomreach's expertise with eCommerce.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Authoring a thought leadership book from the perspective of an academic could open additional publishing options.
  • Having your CEO write a Thought Leadership book is a great way to elevate the profile of a company.
  • Many Thought Leaders underestimate the difficulty of marketing a book. There are complex nuances in getting it published, and you need to think ahead!

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