Maed Mixtape: Bhindi

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With the untoward and unpredictable times we find ourselves in, it’s time to go back to simpler things in life. The little joys that give us more grounding now than ever before. Our latest chapter of Maed in India, brings you quite a few love songs and so, Mae has named this Maed Mixtape, bhindi. Her love affair with bhindi is overwhelming, emotional, undying and most probably unrequited. And yet, there is always a piece of bhindi in her heart. This is dedicated to all the different kinds of love we have in this world.

Song List:Nikhita ft. ZIA - Recreational Love (02:26 - 04:37)

Aseem - Ilaaj (06:29 - 09:28)

Peekay feat. Aishan Vali - Good Old Fashioned In Love (10:48 - 14:17)

Micah - Tomorrow (15:08 - 17:15)

Why Do? - Chala Main Wahan (17:54 - 22:04)

Zohran Miranda - Ready For Love (23:32 - 28:56)

Vishwi - Poongaatril Unplugged (29:54 - 32:51)

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Host: Mae



Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Shaun Fanthome

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