MMSRS 66 - PCSing Into a Fringe Area - Experiences of Seasoned Male MilSpouses

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Special time for this episode, we are getting our Alaska spouses involved today! Are you and your family going to a wonderland far far away? Or some duty station nobody has ever heard of before? Are you a "fringe" spouse? This episode is for you! We will be having the guys who are living the SAHD dream in Alaska joining the discussion, and this will become a podcast for the ages! *** (13:17:25):Welcome to the MMSRS Chat Room. --- Show starts --- (13:30:00) MMSRS (13:39:44): On today's show (so far) is Dan Hogan, Jack Lee, Wayne Perry, and Doug Nordman. Welcome guys! MMSRS (13:51:54): Jay Hao has joined us! Doug Nordman (14:01:13): Dave, everybody else, I'm going to have to sign off here in about 15 minutes to work with the tree trimmers. I just wish they had chainsaw drones! MMSRS (14:12:57): Jay Ha o (14:32:25): Jay Ha o (14:35:24): Jay Ha o (15:22:03): Jay Ha o (15:28:06): --- Show ends --- (15:30:00)

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