E:15 Cancer – Techniques for Healing

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This week discover highly effective methods and techniques for healing the body of cancer.

Michael offers a free relaxation audio track designed to support one of the healing techniques discussed. This audio is excellent for examining the body and using the mind to eliminate cancer from the body.

The guides discuss the top cancer killers in the country and what they represent from an emotional energy point of view. The cancers that were covered in-depth were lung cancer (the number one killer in the country today), colon/rectal, stomach, pancreatic, bladder, liver, esophageal, breast, prostate, ovarian and brain.

The four emotions that cause cancer were reviewed: anger, frustration, resentment, and guilt.

Learn how people internalize their stress or anger in certain areas of the body. How does that set the stage for cancer to develop? You can develop a program to eliminate factors creating the disharmony within the disease.

The role of toxins and how they are generating cancers.

The approaches to dealing with cancer from the conventional and natural methods were also discussed, as well as what is required to create a healthy immune system and other nutrients to fight cancer.

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Next week: Diabetes.

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