Episode 17 - Covid Governance in Lebanon with Dr. Mona Harb and Dr. Ahmad Gharbieh

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In this episode, we speak with Mona Harb and Ahmad Gharbieh about the varying modalities of Covid governance in Lebanon. We discuss the different responses of sectarian and non-sectarian actors to the pandemic and how they played out geographically. The podcast revolves around the recent article that they co-wrote with Mona Fawaz and Luna Dayekh. The articles is part of MELG’s upcoming special issue on governance in the MENA amidst Covid. You can read the article here: https://brill.com/view/journals/melg/aop/article-10.1163-18763375-14011293/article-10.1163-18763375-14011293.xml Mona also recently spoke about her research on "Governance Uncovered": a podcast produced by the Program on Governance and Local Development that discusses local politics and development worldwide: https://soundcloud.com/gldresearch

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