Raising Resilient Learners | Adina Glickman | Episode 174

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Our kids face academic pressure far greater than we experienced as teens or college students. It’s frustrating for parents to navigate this with their kids. Whether your teen is buckling under the pressure, giving up, or doing well but pushing way too hard, you want a better academic experience for your child. Adina Glickman gets that. She’s the co-founder and co-director of the Academic Resilience Consortium, CEO of Affinity Coaching and spent 15 years as director of Stanford University's Academic Coaching Program. She’s also a mom who’s walked this path with her now adult children. Adina joins Mighty Parenting podcast host Sandy Fowler to explore helping our kids become resilient learners. She shares insights and strategies that help our teenagers and college students respond to failure, learn about themselves as learners, and find academic success.

Our Guest: Adina Glickman

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